About the SGB QS

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) – what is this?

The SAQA is a national organisation established through an Act of Parliament (the South African Qualifications Act No 58 of 1995) in consultation with the Ministers of Education and Labour, to provide for the establishment and maintenance of a National Qualifications Framework, a register which provides details of SAQA-registered teaching / learning programmes leading to the awarding of qualifications (certificates, diplomas and degrees) awarded by training and education institutions in the Republic of South Africa.

The objectives of the NQF extend far beyond simply providing a list of qualifications, and include

  • Facilitating access to progression within education, for example from a certificate to a diploma, followed by a degree, and post-graduate study
  • Information on career path development, further training and employment opportunities
  • Contributing to the full personal development of each learner and the social / economic development for the nation at large
  • Redressing unfair discrimination in education experienced by many South African citizens in the past


SAQA’s vision is to provide for a reconstructed and redeveloped education and training system that reflects the objectives of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).


To ensure the development and implementation of a National Qualifications Framework which contributes to the full development of each learner and to the social and economic development of the nation at large.

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What is a National Standards Generating Body?

There are twelve NSBs within the SAQA, each focussing on a specific range of skills fields and the education, training and development of qualifications to meet the educational / training requirements related to the different market sectors which drive the South African economy, offering employment opportunities to persons who hold one or more of the qualifications registered on the NQF. The NSB within which the Standards Generating Body for Quantity Surveying operates is NSB 12: Physical Planning and Construction.

A Standards Generating Body (SGB)? How does it function?

Every skill – or competence – is developed and gained through teaching / learning processes (education / training) enhanced by appropriate practical experience. Teaching / learning programmes are designed to achieve particular outcomes (competencies), and if levels of competence attained by learners are to be fairly and accurately assessed, a set of standards (or criteria) must be established against which the skills of qualifying learners will be tested or measured in order to record their levels of competence achieved.

An SGB is a panel of knowledgeable, experienced experts who know exactly what levels of competence (outcomes) should be demonstrated and the assessment criteria which should be applied in evaluating the skills achieved by learners who successfully complete teaching / learning programmes leading to the awarding of specific qualifications by colleges, technikons, universities and other providers of education and training. SGBs prepare and publish details of teaching / learning programmes and the assessment criteria related to qualifications within a particular field of skills and experience.


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