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The Registration of Qualifications and Standards

Registration occurs to ensure that the standards and qualifications that are registered are relevant, up to date and acceptable to major user groups.

To this end, the NSB will ensure that:

  • the proposals for qualifications and unit standards meet SAQA’s technical requirements for registration,
  • all consultation-process requirements have been met, and
  • qualifications and standards are registered

SGBs will be recognised and/or established by NSBs to:

  • undertake the generation of qualifications and standards including processes designed to consolidate the inputs of the many qualifications and standards generation initiatives underway in South Africa,
  • initiate qualifications and standards generation where there are sub-fields, and
  • ensure that all major users of their products endorse and/or adapt them



SAQA has adopted an eight-level framework. Level 1 is the least complex, and Level 8 the most complex. Both Levels 1 and 8 are regarded as open-ended. This means that there is learning below Level 1 that will not be formally recognised, and learning above Level 8 that may also not be separately recognised.


The 8 levels are grouped into three (3) bands -

  • General Education and Training (GET), covering Level 1 and below.
  • Further Education and Training (FET), covering Levels 2 to 4.
  • Higher Education and Training (HET), covering Level 5 to 8.

These terms describe the different levels of education and training in South Africa.

SGB QS publications

The SGB QS have published the following SAQA approved standards:

Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (NQF Level 6)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Quantity Surveying (NQF level 7)

Masters Degree in Quantity Surveying and related fields in the (Built Environment) NQF level 8

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the context of the Built Environment and related fields in the  (Built Environment)  NQF level 8+


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